What's Done Is Done

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Discord Theory's latest single! Recorded mixed, and mastered with Lee Dyess (Mayday Parade, From First To Last, Against Me!)

FFO: Bayside, Taking Back Sunday, and Four Year Strong.


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I heard your footsteps echo through the room

But you were nowhere to be found

And it's the small things that I'm thinking of now

As I circle this old house

In this moment I am dreaming

Of what we'd become

But what's done is done!

I learned every crevice in your skin

And just where I would fit in

it's those late nights that I'm craving somehow

The secrets made when we laid down

And in this instant I'm realizing

Our swan song has been sung

So what's done is done!

I thought together we'd make it ahead

Of the whole human race

Instead we just lost who we were

Lately I think that it’s all in good faith

That the growth and the pain

Were worth every scar that was left