About Us

Somewhere between just enough and way too much, Discord Theory combines elements of pop-punk, post-hardcore, and other alternative genres, while lyrically provoking thought, love, and hope.

Emanating from the palm trees and sunshine of Tampa, Florida, the members of Discord Theory first came together in 2017. It wasn’t long before they were already working on their debut EP, ALAS, which they balanced with as many live performances as they could cram in. All this hard work paid off, landing them spots on Treefort Fest, Gasparilla Music Festival, and first ever D Tour Showcase. The band followed their EP with a string of singles; What’s Done is Done, Breaking The Wheel, Bad Guy (Billie Eilish Cover), and extensive tours of the Southeast U.S. with other up and comers like Hollyglen, Take Lead, and Neverless. Along the way, they secured opening sets for such noteworthy acts as Bayside, Hail The Sun, and Strawberry Girls.

The band recently released their debut LP "Eight Ways From Dire Straights" which was recorded with Lee Dyess, who has produced albums for groups such as Mayday Parade, From First To Last, and Against Me! In their downtime, you can catch the band supporting the local arts, small businesses, and helping the community grow.


Luis Giler - Vocals & Guitar

Steven Card - Guitar & Vocals


Anthony Rogue - Bass & Synth